Sunday, November 20, 2011


"Fat Boy" -- i sometimes call myself that whenever i am infront of the mirror. 2010 was an awesome year for me, i actually weighed about 72-75 kilos that time. I felt lighter, healthier, and everybody kept asking "you lost weight?" That was the year when i was assigned in the old Emergency Room. The old ER was harsher then compared to now. Then, you can really experience an understaffed workplace. There were only 3 nurses then each shift. And 1 of those 3 is the shift's Supervisor. When patients come in mobs, we rarely talk to each other leisurely. When we can no longer handle it (Trauma is packed, patients in labor coming in every half hour), the Supervisor pulls out a nurse or 2 from the less "toxic" areas. Now, the new ER is packed with 10 nurses, plus the Supervisor. Everything is different then. We rarely eat our meals when on duty. In the ER i was in "constant cardio". I was culture shocked during my 1st few weeks since i came from a ward where there's not much to do. But in the long run i got used to it. This contributed a lot in my weightloss. I left ER in July 2010, was thrown again back to the ward where i was first assigned, i stayed there for another 3 months (this was the lowest point of my career as a nurse, i could say that i was depressed then). Then i was transferred to the Hemodialysis Unit and stayed there for almost a month until they returned me in the ER until 2010 ends.

2011 came and this is where the weight started to pile up. There are more nurse trainees to supervise thus less (dirty) work for us to do. I started eating a lot and adapted myself to the bum lifestyle. It started out when a pediatrician teased me, saying that i look like i gained some extra kilos. At first i was in disbelief. My lack of exposure to weighing scales also didn't help me in realizing that. So i carried on with my unhealthy habits. There even came a time when i go to McDonald's every day for 2 straight weeks. When it finally dawned in on me, i tried exercising but did not control the portions i'm taking in. It made everything worse. The exercise part also became an on again-off again love affair. I do not have a plan. Then i "developed" the 1st version of my SexyBack Manifesto. A to-do list on shaping-up my health and my life towards the right direction. It failed, none of the items in the list were fulfilled. I was 79 kilos then. Then i revised it hence version 2 was born. It did not click again. It was only implemented during the 1st month. I continued on with my unhealthy habits without realizing that this will jeopardize my future plans.

Last month reality really took a bite off my ass. A huge chunk of meat was taken from my morale. I have always wanted to work in Singapore but my lack of work experience here doesn't qualify me. Agencies usually require at least 3 years work experience for male nurses. So we went to this agency, the same one who sent our former co-workers to Singapore a month before. We filled in some forms and submitted it to the receptionist together with copies of our documents. The she called us one by one for a weigh-in and height measuring! She was calculating our actual BMI. That was not a good week for to have my weight taken since i've been eating a lot in places i've never been to. She called my name and took my height and weight. It felt like eternity when she punched in the figures in her PC. Then she wrote my BMI on the application form. It was an embarassing 28.something! Then we were called in by the agent who screens applicants. There were 3 of us and only one was within the normal BMI as well as the required BMI for employment in SIngapore hospitals. It felt like the agent was dissing the 2 of us who are a bit on the heavier side. This is when i fully decided to make a change and live healthily.

I arrived from Manila 84 kilos. Now i am giving myself 12 weeks to lose at least 10 kilos bringing me back to my 2010 weight. I am currently in Week 4 of my program (SexyBack Manifesto Ver 3). I've been doing laps on the tracks and have tried running on the road. The first week i have completely rid myself of soda and sugared drinks and replaced it with water. I have skipped meals while on duty, and just ate instead at home. I am still having some trouble controlling my portions but i believe i am getting there. The other night at Gerry's Grill i did not finish my cup of rice, i have eaten ulam but i tried to control it. With only a quarter of my food on the plate i already felt full. Now the rationing of our food from the Dietary Department is not helping with my routine during my 1st few weeks. My current weight is playing between 81-83 kilos. Honestly, i am starting to get frustrated. I've been eating less in my opinion, and been slaving over an exercise routine that must work for me. "Ikalikaguma'k" is not applicable now for me, it should be "Ikaryo'm!' Hopefully i won't be calling myself "Fat Boi" when in front of the mirror. I want to experience that, really.

Currently training for a 5k Fun Run for December. The last (and my first) Fun Run i attended was the Laoag leg of the 2011 Milo Marathon last July. I finished 5k in an hour and a half. I'm hoping i will outdo myself this time and finish in less than an hour. IKARYO'M!

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