Wednesday, September 14, 2011



I am about to jeopardize, yet again, another opportunity for me to "realize" my dreams via earning appropriate compensation overseas. Last Friday an agency personally e-mailed me urging me to report to their office for Principal's Personal Interview and Final Review of Documents. The qualifications were as follows:

Qualifications: STAFF NURSES: SALARY OFFER: S$ (inclusive housing accommodation) Male & Female, BSN grad. 22 to 34 yrs. old, minimum of 3 yrs. Experience in a 200 or more bed capacity hospital as Staff Nurse after POST-REGISTRATION from Professional Regulation Commission. ASSISTANT NURSES:SALARY OFFER: S$ 1,250 mo (inclusive housing accommodation) Female, BSN grad. 22 to 34 yrs. old, minimum of 1yrs. Experience in a 100 or more bed capacity hospital as Staff Nurse after POST-REGISTRATION from Professional Regulation Commission.

I sent an application in this said agency through their website months back and they only replied to me now. I was shocked, relieved and confused when I saw their e-mail in my inbox. Shocked because i have never thought in a million light years that i would be personally e-mailed by this agency since i haven't yet earned the desired hospital experience (as claimed by Philippine Recruitment Agencies) to work in Singapore. Relieved because well, FINALLY! It's about time they replied to my application. Confused because of the parts i highlighted in the "Qualifications" part of their e-mail. I am puzzled why they bothered e-mailing me, since i am not the type who will falsify his qualifications in his CV just to land an interview, especially since this is mothafreakin' Singapore! The Employers and Work Visa people there are ruthless. So what was the best thing i did in my opinion? E-mail them back. I asked them to clarify their (hopefully not) erroneous inclusion of my name in their roster. Until now they haven't replied yet. But i am hoping that until tomorrow i will be getting a reply from them so that i will be able to decide whether i will be risking P 2,000.00 again to travel to Manila. Hoping that they will reply soon so that i can call/text my very, very good friend in advance and ask her to adopt me for an hour or 2 and let me use her apartment's shower.

I am so delusional that my rocket will just come by my doorstep. I am not putting much effort in building it. A co-worker told me that it doesn't matter if it is inconvenient or if the vibes is flowing with you, for once an opportunity arrives infront of you, grab it by the throat and face it like an Ancient Filipino Warrior. That's my weakness, i don't wanna take huge risks. Travelling to Manila just to show up for interview and then get turned down is that huge of a risk for me. I am TOO PROUD to admit to myself that with every opportunity the result will always be split: acceptance and rejection. I am delusional enough to see every opportunity result to acceptance. I NEED BRAIN JUICE TO GET ME OUT OF THIS DELUSIONAL STATE.

To whoever who will be reading this, please help me decide. The deadline's on Friday and i don't wanna jeopardize this opportunity again just like the numerous ones i already jeopardized in the past.. Thanks. :)

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