Friday, August 26, 2011


A lot has happened 2-3 weeks ago which made me decide that it was time for me to take a break for a while and go "find myself". I have been planning to request for a week-long leave months prior to that crazy week I had at work. After "packing" 5 patients in less than 2 weeks and experiencing an emotionally-staining case of verbal abuse from a co-worker hours after his patient arrested, I figured that this career just started to take its toll on me big time. I realized that I have been physically and mentally drained and I deserved a break from all of these brouhaha which unfolded before me in a short period. I passed my letter requesting for a 2-week leave from my duties, citing 2 fictional weddings in Manila I was supposed to be a big part of. And even though I requested on a time when there is a relative shortage in staff, on the day when the schedule for the next week's suppose to be finalized and approved, I fortunately received good news from my bosses. Now I have just a few days left before i resume for work again, and i ask myself: "what have i done for myself in these 2 weeks of relieving myself from my job?" Not much, I presume.

First off, i just revealed that my reasons in my request letter were not real. Only my friends outside of work and my c-workers in my floor knew this. So if in any way my bosses were able to read this (which i am certain they won't :P ) i am fckin screwed. But i like to see it like this: IT'S BEEN DONE, GET OVER IT.

For almost 2 weeks i have been eating a lot. I have been doing a lot of catching up with my high school friends. And i am not spending a lot during those eating and catching up sprees. Christel is currently here on vacation from Italy, and she's been dispensing Euros to make her stay here, though short, worthwhile. Last week we literally spent 4 days eating out, and for the first time ever in my employed life i came home very late. Not during-the-early-hours-of-morning late, just mornight late. :)

Day 1 of my "sabbatical" i told myself that i will be finishing every project kept on hold due to tight work schedules. This included photo editing jobs, recording of tracks for my "dream" EP album (which will be released in this blog eventually..), implementing stage for this awesome hoodie i'm working on, etc etc. But sadly, none of these were finished nor started. SO what have i been doing during those days when i am not out with friends? I did some catching up with sleep. Yes, i slept like a maniac. And i watched True Blood during waking hours... and random episodes from HIMYM Season 6... :P

My last post was all about hammering down the last nail in my crusade to finally fulfill my "SexyBack Manifesto". ......yyyeah..I can't do the moment. But i will next week. There are tons of temptations lurking this week for me to take it seriously. I ran around the tracks the other day, supposedly yesterday also but it started pouring. The weather's not cooperating! (excuses, excuses, you're just too lazy to go fat boi).

I believe i need to cut back on some vices. My run the other day consisted mainly of brisk walking. I feel ashamed of myself. It's only been more than a month since my last run (Milo Marathon). And i survived that one. I ran more than i walked. I really, really need to adapt a clean lifestyle. (Last schtick evuhhh!!!!! This time for realZ.)

SO here i am, counting down the days before i resume for work. Christel will be arriving in the morning from Manila, Marian arrived yesterday and she's on leave from her work too. I am pretty sure that we will be going out this afternoon again. And i am certain that the itinerary will mostly involve eating out. I realized that what i have been doing this past 2 weeks is basically what this sabbatical was meant to do for me: Relieve the stress. And its working. Talking with friends, having a few (or more) laughs, reminiscing the good days of High School with coffee or at most times with tons of food, has been very therapeutic for me. I realized that i don't need to stress myself again with those unfinished projects, it's just like incorporating work in this well-deserved break. ALthough those are just hobbies, but i tend to sometimes be perfectionist about them..only adding up to the stress i was aiming to erase.

Now that i am a few days away from work again, i hope i won't be pooled with stress again in the next few days, or weeks. I don't need another sabbatical for now...

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