Wednesday, August 17, 2011


As i have mentioned in my 2011 "resolutions/goals" posted 7 months ago, it is one of my plans to bring sexy back using my "SexyBack Manifesto". The manifesto is still alive, taped on my closet's door, gathering dust. At least it's still there, and i am not planning to remove it until i actually achieved what is written in it. My self-designed program is pretty rigorous after reviewing it with the exception of the cardio part. Back in 2010 i only plan to run for 3-4 times/week. But i'm gonna have to be rough on myself this time since i've already hit my boiling point, as much as possible i plan to run 3 days straight, 1 rest day and run 3 days straight again. So that would be 6 days of running in a week. I hope i will be able to survive this and i wish to reach my target weight by the end of this year. I am starting off again with 79 kilograms (that's 174 lbs), with large belly, man-boobs, a very low immune system, high Triglyceride levels, and an increased BP (130's systolic) maintained by amlodipine 5mg once/day. That was the same weight i had 9 months ago when i 'devised' my "SexyBack Manifesto". And my target weight? 60-65 kilograms... or as long as i can finally see my feet everytime i look down (my belly's blocking my view).

my belly blocking the spectacular view of my feet :/

So this is now for real. I did not plan to terrify you with a shirtless photo of me, so, sorry for that. I am hoping that this time i will be serious about losing weight. It's starting to take its toll on me. It's starting to hurt when watchers refer to me as the "fat nurse"... trust me, i can take "jay bakla nga nurse" more than that since i am very much aware that my movements are less masculine than some of the male nurses in the workplace.

And if ever i will be able to go through this, i will no longer have toothpaste suds on my belly, i will be able to see my feet again when i look down, i will no longer be referred to by my patients' watchers as the "fat nurse", i will be able to fit into Singapore's crazy "fitness criteria"... and here i am again counting my chicks before they hatch.

I can't believe i'm gonna say this again... "IKALIKAGUMA'K!!"

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