Tuesday, February 21, 2012


I had a cigarette break conversation with a volunteer nurse from the ICU last night after she pointed to me one of the newly-hired Attendants. I asked her if she applied for the position too. She just answered "No.." and contined on with "because i'm expecting to exit this February." As if having a Babel Fish lodged down my ear i immediately understood what she meant by "exit" and had to ask where she's going. "Singapore" she replied. I had to ask again how long she's been working/volunteering here and she told me she just started. That she just graduated last year. I was mind-fucked. How the hell did you land a work visa there with no previous work experience, i asked, puzzled. One word, "Connections." Lucky girl. I wish i have connections as badass as hers too. Unfortunately i don't. My only connection is my cousin in Abu Dhabi, who can not promise me an employer that will secure me a work visa. But thay's ok, i am an understanding human being. I won't let that destroy our blood relationship. So you might be wondering, where am i going with this? Unlike my previous posts this past month, this won't consist of rants. It placed me on a different perspective on what i will do with my life. TAKE RISKS. It is time consuming and not practical but if this is the only way for my rocket to finally come, i will do it. The other day an agency texted me, urging me to report to their office immediately in order for me to be prioritized in one of their urgent job opennings for Abu Dhabi. I was thinking of ignoring it, then this conversation with a colleague whom i have never met before but i may have seen way back in nursing school (we went to the same school together, i was 3 years her senior), happened in between 2 sticks of cigarettes. It ignited the flame i once had a few months in after i was hired in my past job. Back when the only rejection i received from agencies was the organ between my legs. Back when i was neither frustrated nor greatly disappointed in looking for employment opportunities abroad. I just need luck. And if i'm not gonna do something about my irrational fear of rejection or my cheapness, then i'd be doomed to stay here forever. I asked her if i can apply as walk-in, she told me i have enough experience here in the PH to land me an offer there. I do hope she's deadpoint on that statement.. Because i needed something to boost me up. I joked that maybe they can recruit me as well. She was polite and told me she'll ask if it would be possible. My hopes are not high on that last part, but then, who knows, she could be Lady Luck in disguise. ;)

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