Monday, January 31, 2011


It has been revelations after revelations unfolding before me eversince this year started. Some shook the fuck out of me, while some just gave me a reason to drink lots of fluids in order for the 'pasabog-hardened-crap' to pass through easier. But most of these pasabogs involve something which could literally make the recipient of the pasabog explode if i let my imagination manifest in this unnatural world. I'm talking about pregnancy.
The BIG 'P'.
In less than a month i've already received 4 Big P's. The most recent one i just heard this afternoon. The 1st 3 were good friends of mine, the 4th was something else...i dare not give any details from this point since it was 3rd hand information when it got to me. Let's just say that the mere mention of this 4th Big P in this post is already a violation of 'trust' --- relation to famous condom brand not intended.

So what about this Big P thing?

Well that's quite simple, it puts me, and others outside the Big P circle, in this awkward situation wherein we ask ourselves:
"What have i been doing with my life?"
What have i been doing with my life anyway? I constantly keep talking about waiting for this metaphorical rocket to come, and in the past i force myself to deny the fact that i am not doing something worthwhile to prepare for its arrival. But now i am proud to say that i have already built a sturdy frame made not from wood and cardboard but with the finest NASA approved steel. And i REALLY am waiting for this rocket to come...SOON.
I remember asking Big P #2, a few days before i started building my rocket's frame, what her plans are, and she told me she's gonna keep the baby and let her future husband merge his future plans with hers. I thought they are both lucky to have each other and i wish them the bestest. And then i remember her asking me the day she revealed her pasabog what my pasabog is. I had to admit that i was baffled for like a few seconds. I did'nt know how to answer her. So i just made a lame ass joke about B.O. or something being my pasabog and until now that answer still haunts me it actually still gives me the creeps! (LLLAAAAAME!!!) That few seconds was my 'what have i been doing with my life?' moment and i guess i panicked. But i believe can answer her question..maybe not now, maybe soon, and i don't mean to count my chicks before they hatch but i think i might have a shot at this not-so-new venture i have recently embarked on. I hope that by the 2nd quarter i will already have a pasabog for 2011. My pasabog will be the roar of my rocketships hydrogen-powered double engine.

I am gonna start the year of the rabbit right. I already have a good headstart i believe. I stand to what Valto told me that this is OUR (1987-born nerds like me) year. THIS IS OUR YEAR and not even some sorry-arsed delusional prophet-deity will take it from us. AMEN!

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