Thursday, August 12, 2010

The Five Things I Learned, So Far, in My 24 Years of Existence

Originally meant to be a post for August 2010, i failed to publish it for unknown/forgotten reason. The original title was "The Five Things I Learned, So Far, In My 23 Years of Existence". So basically i just changed "23" to "24" since i am 24 now. But after reviewing this, these things still apply.

So we learn a lot of things as we interact with this world, which is basically the reason why we exist; so a lot of us are still crawling in the dark when it comes to finding our true potentials, which is essentially why we still do not cease to, well, exist; so i finally decided to put up the five (important) things i learned so far in my 24 years of interacting with this world...and this shall grow along the way.
The world is subjective, this is how i view it.

Numero Uno
There is no such thing as a "born leader".
Nobody interacts perfectly with this world. The world, as cliche as it may sound, is a harsh place. One day you are at the top of your game, the next day you are sinking rapidly at the bottom of this world's annals. I have had my experience of both worlds in the past and in the present. And although it may not be the best experience, it is most definitely a very meaningful one. Anyone who would want to refute this have not experienced the world's full wrath yet. (def. "Born Leader" - one who is superior to everyone in this race called world interaction......marathon)

Numero Dos
If you do not like what most people are going gaga for, you are either a hipster or a douche...or a combination of both: a Hipstouche
I remember using the term "hipster" referring to those morons in ASAP. Then i realized that those chimps are not hipster, they only dress and/or look like hipster. A hipster is a person who goes beyond or to the opposite of mainstream. And those gorillas are reeking mainstream. If you consider yourself "indie" then you may well be a hipster. Hipsters are criticized for being major douchebags since hipsters are sometimes known to spread douchiness. But those are the idiot hipsters. I do not like mainstream that much, i pretend to like mainstream for the benefit of the lower mortals... i mean, my friends (hehehe >:D) So... yeah i can definitely say that i am a hipster. (Got any problem with that? Because i will use my pseudovegan telekinesis on you!)

Numero Tres
Not everyone who speaks properly/well is included in the "elite" league of superior humans...if there is one in the first place.
As i mentioned above, there is no such thing as a "born leader". So a person speaks carabao english or has a speech defect. It does not mean that he's stupid. We shall never know what goes inside a person's head unless we ourselves experience it first-hand. And besides a lot of great speakers are just that, "great speakers". They just spread douchiness in this world and their main presence deprives us of safe air to breathe. Yes, i'm partially referring to the monkeys on TV.

Numero Quatro
It is better to just shut-up than alienate the people around you and end up being the odd one out.
Not everyone interacts with this world the same way as some people do. Having "weird" interests - as some called it - placed me in awkward conversations in the past, so whenever i feel like relating my "weird" interests to a certain topic during conversations, i just usually resort to encasing my thoughts instead of making a fool out of myself. That is why i am always on the lookout for someone who shares the same interests as me... always on the lookout. (and someday that creature will come and entertain me -- "creature" yes, i believe in life beyond this Universe) But i learned that too much restriction can rob you of your personality - as pointed out to me by my cousin years ago.

Numero Cinco
Learn to trust everybody you interact with in this world.
I do not see the credibility in the common version of this. I think not all people lie, and if they do lie it is mainly because they are protecting something. Don't get me wrong, i absolutely am a fan of House and his philosophies or "Houseisms" or whatever you would want to call it but i just do not think it is necessary to cover yourself with electric barbed wires everytime. I learned that if you trust someone, that person will do the same. It is pretty basic actually, it is the Golden Rule. I personally believe that the whole world will be a much better place if we all learn to trust the people we interact with everyday.

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