Wednesday, June 9, 2010


Is it a sin to be addicted to the internet? Did the internet transformed itself into the latest drug? Some may have already been recovering from the addiction the internet brings and yet i am assuming that everyday a lot of people are being introduced to its addictive properties. Am i a victim of the internet's seductive poison?

I may be. It came into full realization when i discovered that i have been spending too much time searching for "how to's" in Google and YouTube. From complex things such as "how to hack your mobile phone to avail of free internet" (my brain's still bleeding from this one) to the simpler ones such as "how to stop bleeding post-tooth extraction" (i mean, it's a no-brainer, just apply pressure to the pulp using a clean gauze or cotton ball). Too much "how to" searches and i will be starting to forget that i have a common sense. Another thing is, I have been basing my decisions too much on what i see in the internet. Such as, which movie to watch or which food to eat. It's like the internet is taking over by brain! And the worse thing is, just like most drugs, the internet is depriving me of sleep. I saw awhile ago in BBC that the light from your computer monitor or laptop can cause sleep deprivation. I attest to that. A lot of ongoing and future projects are being postponed because of the internet. I promised myself that during this 3-week break i will be finishing/starting those projects and yet here i am rubbing my nose to the screen of my laptop. I would always wake up each day with it on stand-by mode (if i continue this, i will be putting my laptop in a risky situation leading to its early retirement), wherein a simple slide of my index finger on the pointer would bring it back again to life. It may have also been the reason why the electric bill is going up (i still blame the TV set to compensate) according to Mamang's standards (lol).

Physical and Psychological dependence, sleep deprivation, social isolation- i really am a victim caught in the internet's web. Or am i just a person who blames the internet in order to escape the real problem... myself.

I will be making a pact with myself that i shall accomplish and/or commence those projects i have waiting in my disk by giving myself 24 hours of abstinence from the internet. It may be tomorrow or the day after tomorrow or any day during my leave as long as i make it a point that i will do this before i start reporting for work again. I will prove to myself that "i am not an addict (maybe it's a lie), i am not an addict."

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