Monday, May 31, 2010


A lot of things happened this May.

I just turned 23. I practiced my rights as a Filipino by voting for someone whom i truly believe could change the way Filipinos think of ourselves (unfortunately he lost). 2 weeks ago I filed for a 3-week leave of absence from my job in preparation for an examination i will be taking this June... but mainly because i want to take a break and reflect on the rapid unfolding of events which happened to my life during this past 2 years since i got out of college. I have officially isolated myself from television. And on the last day, i had the impulse to start a blog.

The first post is the hardest to write. I already have a blog in my Multiply account, but it is starting to rot already. I remember the first post i wrote there. Some random "hey this is my blog" stuff which, going backs, sounds a bit retarded. So i am going to take this opportunity to correct my past mistake. I will be writing what i will be writing in this blog.

Yes, the never-ending "bitchin' and moanin'" about how screwed-up work is. I was unfortunate enough to enter a career i am not that too keen about. My only consolation is that i learn almost everyday... about my field, the people around me mainly their personalities, and life. And yeah, i am able to sustain my vices. Haha


My world will not be complete without music. It is my ultimate passion and yet i am too lazy to actually reach it. I now see that "ultimate passion" getting ahead of me for like a kilometer or 2 already.


You see how contradicting i can be? I just mentioned earlier that i am television-free already. Take that literally. But it doesn't mean that if i rarely or don't watch television, i have no exposure to TV shows. That's why i love the internet. It's got everything in it. My laptop is my TV.

Random Stuff

Yeah, just random stuff. It can be something hilarious as Noynoy dressed as Lady GaGa, revealing as the Wowowee girls' outfits, serious as Frankl's search for meaning, outrageous as Erap being #2 in the nationwide polls, etc. Just random stuff.

Let me end this by welcoming you to my world. A word of warning though, to quote a good friend of mine "To be honest, i'm a liar". But i am not a naturally good liar. :B

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